3rd Quarter Writing Task
Assignment: Informative/Research Project
You will write a multiple paragraph magazine article about a math topic from this quarter that you are interested in. A magazine article puts together information and data from reliable sources to produce a fact-based article on a particular topic. Start with a few questions to narrow down the topic that you will write about in your article. Make sure the main ideas are thoroughly supported with details, facts, examples, and explanations from several sources. Remember to introduce your topic clearly, organize your ideas, concepts, and information. Your final product should include structural features that clarify the information, such as: sections, headings, graphs, tables, charts, maps, illustrations, captions, bold print, quotations or definitions.
*Please write in complete sentences.
*A decent paragraph has at least 5 sentences.

Outline: Here is the outline of what the essay should look like.

Heading: Full Name, Date, Block (and title)
"My Article on ___."

Subheading I: What do you know?
Paragraph 1: Introduction - Why did you choose this topic? What do you like about this topic? What don't you like about this topic? What do you know about this topic? What questions do you have about this topic?

Picture: Draw a picture or give an example showing your topic in use. Include a caption below the picture.

Subheading II: What did you find out?
Paragraph 2: Historical facts about your topic. (use a book, website, article, video)
Is there an important person who contributed to your topic? When in history was this topic developed? What are some changes that took place in this topic over the years? Did cavemen use this topic? What is the earlies known record about use of your topic?

Paragraph 3: Real life use about your topic - Where is it used in the real world? Are there any jobs that use your topic? Have you ever seen anyone use your topic on tv? How do you use this topic in your life? (Please elaborate and give details.)

Subheading III: What do you still have questions about?
Paragraph 4: Summary - What was interesting? What was boring? What didn't you find out? What is something you still want to know? If you did the project over, would you choose a different topic? Why or why not?

RESOURCES for 3rd Quarter's Writing Task
Here are the TOPICS we have covered this year:
  1. Algebraic Expressions
  2. Equations / Number Properties
  3. Inqualities (<,>)
  4. Prime Factorization
  5. GCF / LCM
  6. Ratio & Rate & Unit Rate
  7. Percent / Tax / Tip
  8. Long Division
  9. Dividing Fractions
  10. Plotting Points on Coordinate Plane
  11. Area / Perimeter of Rectangles & Triangles
  12. Surface Area of Rectangular and Triangular Prisms
  13. Volume of Rectangular Prisms
  14. (coming next - Statistical Data)

Here is a list of resources to find out more about your topic.

(I will add a list of helpful books later - but try searching for "math books" at the library)