About Math Class:
What do I need for math class everyday?
  • 1-Notebook
    • Composition or Spiral Notebook is acceptable.
  • Pencils
  • Agenda
  • Textbook (Every student will be/was assigned a book that is to be kept at home)

How am I graded?
  • Everything that is done in for math receives some type of credit.
    1. Homework 10%
    2. Informal – 40% (Assignments, Notebook, and Quizzes)
    3. Formal – 50% ( Common Assessments/Tests and Projects)

  • Common Assessments/Tests - Graded by a 7 point grading scale
    • Students will have 4 main assessments each quarter.
      • Vocabulary Assessments 25%
      • Performance/Project Assessment 25%
      • Writing Task 25%
      • Multiple Choice Test 25%

    • Students will also have mini-quizzes weekly and/or bi-weekly.

    • All assessments will be graded by a 7 point grading scale.
      1. A 100 - 93
      2. B 92 - 85
      3. C 84 - 77
      4. D 76 - 70

How can I receive remediation, enrichment, or extra credit?
  • NO extra credit: We focus on mastering the content, so we are not going to allow students to do extra work. I will recommend all students to correct any assessments that they did not get an A on.
  • Remediation
    • KhanAcademy: Is a computer resource that the math department will use for every student. Teacher requested assignments will be given for students to get extra practice on basic and beyond basic concepts that are introduced throughout the school year. There are informational videos that explain how to solve problems. Students may access this site at school, home, and the public library.
    • Study Island: Is a computer resource that students can access at to practice their math skills on concepts we are working on in class.